Undersea Enamel Adventures

undersea wearables after flux

This week I have been enjoying using some freesource vintage undersea imagery.

I made samples, then developed ideas for wearable pieces (above).

Here’s what I did:

Prepare copper

Transfer images onto screenprinting screen.

Screenprint with opaque black enamel powder, & fire in kiln.

Undersea samples before flux

Clean the copper as much as you prefer- I left different amounts of firescale on each of these to see which effect I liked  best.

Sift a layer of flux and fire again.

Undersea samples after flux

Finished samples- over the firescale the flux has a reddish quality, if the copper is very clean, it is bright and clear like golden honey.

I love the way that by using just black and clear enamel you can still achieve such varied colours – rich little specks of blue and red.

The wearable pieces turned out a little lighter in colour than I hoped for- I like the slightly richer palette of the octopus sample, but I used thinner copper, to make them lighter to wear, which affected the firing times. Next step will be to add cords and pins.

I love playing with freesource images- that tangle of octopus legs is amazing- What an awesome undersea adventure…


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