Making these little books was a much more interesting, fun and illuminatory process than I expected.

They are bound from pages from various sources, ready to be altered and filled with ideas. Full of potential and therefore very inspiring. To make them I gathered a whole bunch of intriguing papers, then trusted aesthetic judgement to select and put the books together. It felt good to use those skills which good artists use all the time, in a new way- the book in its self was not a finished artwork, so I didn’t worry too much about my decisions, but it highlighted the process involved in critically selecting, comparing, arranging, editing & discarding visual elements.

Kate 12-26th Feb 2014 Kate Feb 12-26th 2

I love the idea of having different notebooks to record different things in a private and obsessive manner. I love the book The Selected Works of T.S Spivet . I also am interested in the structure/discipline you could introduce by setting yourself certain challenges with certain rules e.g. a book with 14 pages to alter a page a day in some way every day for a week, or the idea of dedicated books containing specific different types of creative outputs, eg a book only to record stories made of 6 words, or collect overheard conversations, or make drawings of telegraph poles, or house a collection of found objects.

There is something very intriguing, powerful and magical about a book, particularly ones made ‘living’ by being constantly added to and worked in. The idea of making lots and keeping them together seems to somehow amplify that magic.
F-Yeah & W-Ever


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